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I am really trying hard not to write about writing but the topic won’t stop gnawing at me. Besides, it is by heeding the call I came up with my most viral articles. I decided to write more consistently and I hit a couple of goldmine when I published these two articles — I am here to tell you that down times are good and How to find things to be grateful for when you are struggling. These two articles have been my most read and the feedback I got from them from my network were the most beautiful. I think I hit the goldmine because they were totally relatable and it made my readers feel good. You might wonder, how did I come up with those relatable ideas to write.

The first one about about Down times came about on the first day I started my writing everyday journey, I am on this writer’s support group and I have been absent and non-participatory for a long time like I am on most whatsapp groups when someone on the group complained that she had been experiencing down time and she is not handling it well. I offered her advise from my own experience when I wasn’t working actively for two weeks about how I didn’t see it as a bad thing but took the time to slow down. I figured after I responded to her that I could write about that and that was how the article was born. Because I have a lot of creatives and freelancers in my network, it came in handy for a lot of them and I was glad I wrote that article which then encouraged me to write more.

The second one came about when I spoke with a friend and she complained about an expiring work contract. I thought that people usually find it difficult to be grateful when things are tough but I have ideas for things you can be grateful for when things get tougher. Turned out to be my article with the highest number of claps.

Look around you, what are the things that stand out to you, what are the things your friends and networks complaining about or talking about, chances are when you write about those, many other people will also find them relatable.



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Toyin Zuleiha

Toyin Zuleiha

I like to expand your perspective and world view with my words. How To Put Yourself Out There on Social Media- course #ZuleihaXpressions