Babies: The Unintended Victims of the Abortion Ban

The ‘punishment’ for sex should not be taken out on the child

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I could use all the benefits sex bestows to the body to justify why we have sex but it still doesn’t explain why in the middle of the day, while working on your computer you can’t get your mind off the tingling sensation between your legs.

Yes, sex can boost your immune system, it can help with sleep, and it can be a good form of exercise but 10 bucks says that’s not what’s going through your mind when the urge arises. You just want to be touched, you want to get close to another human being and not in a civil manner. Whether we want to talk about why it is good to keep yourself till marriage, or we talk about how it is a sin and we’ll burn in hell for it, our bodies are no respecter of all that bull crap. For centuries, we have fought against this inherent human nature, we have tried to sanction it, to scare people away from it but it has only led to more curiosity and exploration. Why can’t humanity just accept it and instead put in place systems to make people have safe and enjoyable sex without any permanent consequences?

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Rob Dobrenski, “Desire is indeed based on an evolutionary need,” he said. “We have a very strong, sometimes unconscious desire to perpetuate our species.”

The responsibility therefore shouldn’t just lie in trying to control our sexual impulses but also in mitigating the permanent and far-reaching outcome — which is people having children they have no business raising thereby resulting in a more chaotic society.

The expression of sexual desire — our conscious feelings and our performances of sexuality — is far more complex than just trying to have babies. “It is clear that sexual desire is one of the — if not the — strongest of human needs”, says Elijah Wolfson in the Healthline article, What is Desire?

Even though women’s bodies say “have babies” the reality of having a baby is overarching — are they mentally prepared to raise a baby and successfully parent another human being? Do they have the economic means to take care of a baby? Bearing in mind that it’s not just the mother who’s going to suffer the consequences, the child who had no say in being here would suffer as well as the society at large.

Rob Brooks in his article The Tragedy of the Unwanted Child: What Ancient Cultures Did Before, explains that “in the past, when induced abortions were all illegal, unsafe, and hard to arrange, a much higher proportion of unwanted pregnancies resulted in the infant’s death soon after birth. The availability of safe, legal abortion has prevented many of those deaths.”

It begs the question, are we protecting the ‘child’ when we prevent women from accessing safe abortion?

The research the Impact of Unintended Childbearing on Future Generations by Isabel Sawhill, Quentin Karpilow, and Joanna Venator suggests that “there are significant and important improvements in the lives of mistimed children if they are instead born when their mothers are older and more prepared to be a parent.”

If we truly cared about babies, we won’t want people who don’t want them and people who aren’t capable of raising them to have them. Babies would die if we prevent safe and legal abortions.

“What disturbs most anti-abortion campaigners is not abortion itself, but the sex that causes unwanted pregnancy,” concludes Rob Brooks.

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