It might be the only way you get to make the Medium Partner Program.

I decided to take writing a bit more seriously just a few weeks ago after I read the story of Khadeja where she wrote on Medium everyday and has been able to get better at writing and get paid. Even though I joined since 2018, posting an average of one article per year, I didn’t think of joining the partner program. I decided to join the partner program and now the platform requires that you have a 100 followers at least to start. Billy Jones who was offended enough about the policy wrote about it and from less than a 100 followers now has almost a thousand followers.

In the comment section, you’ll find people scoffing at the follow-for-follow trend because they believe it is not authentic but the last time I checked, all relationships are transactional. It is the material of exchange that differs. and if we can help one another attain the partner program then we have eased some burden of a fellow writer which I think is lofty enough. After attaining a 100 followers, you can then focus on building your audience and promoting your writing strategically so you can reach the people who are interested in what you write.

It is possible to also retain some of the followers you gained which would be impossible if you didn’t do the follow for follow trend. After all, almost almost all relationships are transactional, it is only the material of exchange that differs and so far everyone is getting what they want, the relationship is justifiable.

I find what Billy Jones is doing lofty and I will help you make the partner program by following you then reaching people who love your writing will be more realizable once you reach 100 followers.



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Toyin Zuleiha

I like to expand your perspective and world view with my words. How To Put Yourself Out There on Social Media- course #ZuleihaXpressions